The Merging of The Region’s Best Pool Designers

Aqua Pools builds luxury backyard pools and living areas that are used and loved throughout the Lehigh Valley.

We believe pools should be more than just a place to swim; they are an extension of your home, a place for family and friends to gather around and enjoy together. In addition to creating beautiful new spaces for you, our team is dedicated to providing the best service possible by listening to your needs, staying on schedule, and exceeding expectations.

The Aqua Pools team understands the importance of creating a beautiful, functional and durable product that is built to last. From our custom in-ground pools to our luxury backyard living areas, we work with our clients to create an experience that is unique to their lifestyles and needs. Our goal is to provide the best backyard addition possible while staying within a budget that fits your needs.

History of Aqua Pools & Spa Supply

Aqua Pool and Spa Supply was started in 1976 as a small mom and pop store in forks township that sold pool chemicals and a few common parts. The 100sf store started out in a single location and overtime ended up expanding and growing to have multiple locations in the Lehigh Valley. Frank became a partner at Aqua Pools in 2002.

With his 14 years of installation experience Aqua Pools went from a small retail store that did minor repair jobs to a custom pool installation company for residential, commercial, industrial and university projects in the surrounding Lehigh Valley. As Frank took over Aqua Pools and grew the business, so did the clients and caliber of projects we took on. In an effort to continue to grow, Aqua Pool and Spa Supply merged with Lehigh Valley Pools. Lehigh Valley Aqua Pools was created to combine two of the best pool companies in the Lehigh Valley.

History of Lehigh Valley pools

Don Hall started Lehigh Valley Pools in 1977. Prior to 1977 he had been digging pools for another company for extra work over the summer. In seeing the success and learning the process, Don started his own company to dig and install pools. With a focus on quality of construction and simplistic designs Don grew his business.

Over the years, Lehigh Valley Pools could be recognized by their two signature designs, the Grecian and Grecian L shaped pools. Around 2009 Don began to taper the business down and focus on doing less pools and more service. In an effort to spend more time with his family Don and his wife Linda decided to retire in 2021 and sell their family business to another family business, Aqua Pool and Spa Supply.

We are dedicated to creating the perfect pool for your family that will be enjoyed for generations.